Hey stranger, thanks for passing by. Let me introduce myself.
I’m Alexandra.
I tried to describe myself in one sentence. Impossible! My personality is a colourful kaleidoscope of values and characteristics.

Let me give you some hints: Sun seeker. Travel Lover. Charming. Sympathetic. Down-to-earth. Emotional. Organised. Efficient. Intuitive. Loyal. Hopelessly romantic. Adventurous. Energetic. Kooky. Happy-go-lucky. Ex-Gym freak. Impatient. Chocolate lover. Indecisive at times. Optimist & Pessimist depending on my mood. German bred and born. World Citizen.

Throughout my life, I was always seeking for the one missing puzzle piece in my life! Can you believe that it took me 45 years to find it?

I heard about the term ikigai the very first time from a friend of mine who is passionate about Japan. Many moons ago she told me the story about the people of Okinawa. Little did I know back then, that the one missing puzzle piece I was always seeking was my own ikigai. So what is this ikigai?

Let’s come back to the people in Okinawa. They do live long and happy lives. Why? They all have ikigai – a reason to jump out of bed with excitement every morning. A reason that propels them forward in life. A reason that makes them feeling fulfilled and content. A reason that is pure bliss and joy. Sounds fantastic, right?

Neither am I a quirky word smith, professional life coach nor qualified counsellor. So don’t expect any medical or other professional advice. I just write with a pure heart to share my story with you – my journey to ikigai! A story about courage and heartbreak to find happiness, freedom and bliss.

Perhaps you can resonate with my feelings, my emotions and my struggles. Perhaps it inspires you to start your own journey. Or maybe you just get a laugh out of my grammar mistakes. Either way – I look forward to having you around.

Carpe diem,