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Gratitude Journal

To feel happier, you should write a daily gratitude journal. They say. I’ve tried this for more than 1.5 years during a time when I felt really depressed. Did it work? Not really… I sometimes truly struggled to find anything positive for my gratitude journal.

The only sophisticated things I was able to come up with were: 1. Thanks for the Latte Machiatto my dad made for me. 2. Am still breathing. 3. Am not soothing with alcohol. 4. Grateful for the roof over my head. 5. Am still breathing. Yes! Again. I don’t deny that these five items are amazing and beautiful in their own kind of way; but if you write them down seven days in a row, something’s not quite right.

I still do believe though that a gratitude journal is awesome; especially if you do a review and realize all the amazing things you’ve experienced in a year. Am not just talking about the big stuff – sometimes it’s important to sweat the small stuff too – in a positive way!

Here I share the things I’m grateful for in my life…