Gratitude Journal: Apr 2019

It's been my last month on beautiful Zanzibar Island! I had such a wonderful time. Life's better with sand between your toes. So true. What are you grateful for in April?

29 Apr 2019

Time to say good-bye. Am leaving Zanzibar with a slightly heavy heart. I had such a chillaxing and wonderful time. Zanzibar, you’ve been good to me!

Catching the last sight of Zanzibar island from above the sky: WONDERFUL.




25 Apr 2019

Today, I moved to a quaint little B&B called Casa Italia in the heart of Stone Town. I love the maze-like town centre and the little passageways lined with tiny shops and heavy carved wooden doors. I couldn’t wait to stroll around and start exploring.
All excited, I didn’t pay attention on where I was exactly. Fatal mistake! Coming back was a hit and miss! I couldn’t find my door – they all looked the same to me. Funny enough though; my friendly neighbours – although just seeing me once – knew exactly where I lived. They pointed me in the right direction and voila, I was back home.  
Laughing with strangers about my silly mistake: HILARIOUS. 


24 Apr 2019

I love Frangipani flowers. The beautiful white colour with a yellow centre. And the wonderful fragrance – nuances of soft, fruity, peachy, and creamy! Whenever I pass a Frangipani tree, I pick one from the floor…

Enjoying the smell and sight of a Frangipani flower: SIMPLE PLEASURE OF LIFE.


23 Apr 2019

Mid May am flying back to Germany from Nairobi! I got a really good deal with Emirates – just realised too late that it involves a 10 hours stop over in Dubai! Unfortunately, not during the day…

However, finding a great hotel deal close to the Dubai Airport: DEFINITELY HAPPY JEN. 


20 Apr 2019

Zanzibar Island is known as the spice island.

In Paje there’s a little spice shop, where you can buy anything from masala and curry to nutmeg, saffron, cinnamon and many more. It’s such an assault on your senses when walking into this little shop.

Smelling and seeing colourful fresh spices on display: DELIGHTFUL. 





17 Apr 2019

I do have an online travel business focussing on tailor-made itineraries to Africa. You know you are doing something right, when ex-guests contact you again and ask you to plan another trip for them.

When your hard work pays off: FEELING SUPER DUPER HAPPY. 


14 Apr 2019

I love Pina Colada! I love it even more when you get two for one. And it gets better, when they don’t even cost Euro 5.

Enjoying a sundowner with your favorite drink: HEAVENLY.


13 Apr 2019

I haven’t read a book in a long time. At Paje Lounge, they do have a tiny book exchange. Rummaging through the titles, one caught my eye CHILD44 by Tom Rob Smith. It’s a thriller novel set in Stalin’s Sovjet Union. Captivating and shocking at the same time.

Being captivated by a book so much, that you finish it in two days: CHAPEAU TO THE AUTHOR. 


11 Apr 2019

Watching dancing butterflies on my way to the beach: LIFE IS MAGICAL. 


09 Apr 2019

It’s always a great feeling when you get positive feedback from clients. It’s an even better feeling when you get amazing reviews from demanding clients!

Receiving three fabulous client reviews: TOTAL BLISS. 


06 Apr 2019

Nature is simply beautiful. Have a look at that magnificent spectacle in the sky. It feels like, you can touch the clouds if you stretch a tiny bit further.

Being mesmerized by nature: MAGICAL. 


04 Apr 2019

Do you have cravings too? Mine are always for something sweet. Besides, chocolate is the answer to all your problems! Chocolate doesn’t give silly advice. It just understands…

Opening a chocolate bar in anticipation of tasting a burst of sweet and salty chocolate caramel delight: SINFULLY TASTEFUL. 


01 Apr 2019

Looking back on April 2016, I’m thankful for my strength, my persistence and my belief that life will get better. Sometimes, I struggled to stay positive though. Back then I thought my life came to an end. Three years on, I feel very positive about my future.

Never ever giving up: GRATEFUL BEYOND WORDS.

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