Gratitude Journal: Jan 2019

January has been a wonderful month with many exciting moments: from beach to forest to safari. Am one lucky duck!
What are you thankful for in the first month of the year?

29 Jan 2019

Masai Mara – a magical place to discover Kenyan wildlife. Just before gate closing time, we discovered a zebra kill and a lioness with her two little cubs! I could’ve watched for hours!

Observing playing lion cubs: MAGICAL.


26 Jan 2019

Kenya has such beautiful places to discover. Crescent Island is one of my favourite spots; it can be reached during a day trip from Nairobi. Crescent Island is a small sanctuary on the eastern side of Lake Naivasha. Why I love it? You can walk amongst the wildlife of Kenya – no worries, nothing around that wants to eat you.

Walking with giraffes on Crescent Island: INCREDIBLE.





20 Jan 2019

Listening to the sounds of nature at night: PRICELESS.


7 Jan 2019

You most likely will find me going on about beaches A LOT! I love ‘em! Feeling the sand between your toes. Listening to the waves rolling in.

Watching the sun disappearing at the horizon painting the landscape in a kaleidoscope of colours: FANTASTIC.



4 Jan 2019

In 2011, I took the train from Nairobi to Mombasa for the first time. What an episode! Today, I embarked on a new adventure: Taking the modern SGR Madaraka Express! A five-hour journey compared to the nearly 24 hours ordeal eight years ago.

Seeing giraffes and elephants from the comfort of my train seat: EXTRAORDINARY.


01 Jan 2019

THE day of days! From one day to the other your problems are miraculously suppose to vanish just because the clock ticks over! Did you know that when you are on the loo – just before the clock strikes midnight – the saying „same shit, different day“ becomes a totally different meaning? Either way… it is a special day. I spent it walking through Karura Forest in Nairobi, Kenya.
Breathing in fresh forest air. Watching butterflies dancing around. Listening to the chirping birds. Following the rays of sunshine through the thick forest canopy. Being in nature has a soothing effect on me. It gives me space and quietness to either listen to my Monkey Mind or trying to shut it up if it gets too excited! It was a great start to 2019! I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for me.

Starting the New Year without a hangover: BRILLIANT.

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