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Gratitude Journal: June 2019

Finally, summer has arrived in Germany! I love when the temperature climb. When you sit outside until late. When you go for ice creams and a swim. When the typical summer smell is in the air. Here are the things I'm grateful for in June. What are you grateful for?

30 June 2019

Sometimes you have challenging clients. You know them. You want everything to be perfect. You then can count on Murphy’s Law that it will go pear-shaped. Sometimes not though. I got a message from my guests, that they have a wonderful time in Tanzania. Friendly meet & greet on arrival. Comfortable Landcruiser. Wonderful guide. Amazing wildlife sightings.

If Murphy’s Law proves you wrong: ECSTATIC. 


25 June 2019

Today, I went to Würzburg with my mum. I had the urge to socialise again. Sometimes I suffer from cabin fever in my home town lol. We came through this little passage way that was decorated in colourful balloons. I love how the sun radiates the colours.


To change your perspective and find something beautiful: WORTHWHILE.


24 June 2019

I love the flexibility of my job. Today, I spent a couple of hours with my mum at the river that goes through our town. I get so much joy out of these special moments! I make up for lost working time in the evening; as I am a night owl, I’m usually more productive than in the mornings anyway.

Special mom and daughter moments

Knowing what makes you happy: PRICELESS. 


23 June 2019

We all have those days, were we feel like binge-watching. Spent all day in bed – am not even telling you what I watched. But let me tell you something, I had a wonderful day.

Binge-watching without feeling guilty: AWESOME. 


20 June 2019

After a day of working, I enjoy going for a walk. My home town lies in a little valley and you can walk amongst the fields of cherry and apply trees. It’s the third time, I am bumping into this guy with his Saint Bernard. It’s such a cutie. The dog! It always runs up to me, gets his snuggles and then he runs back to his owner haha.

If you get stopped in your tracks: SIMPLY ENJOY THE MOMENT. 


19 June 2019

I’m not a big fan of shopping! I rather spend time in nature. I actually only go shopping if I need something specific. Strolling aimlessly through the shops feels like a waste of time for me. But I desperately needed new sunnies! Went into the first shop. Selected four I really liked. Decided on one.

Shopping done and dusted in 20 minutes: GLORIOUS.


17 June 2019

Although my passport wasn’t about to expire, I needed a new one. I only had two pages left. Today, I picked up my spanking new passport! YAY – world here I come! But what I’m grateful for is the fact, that government institutions in Germany simply work. Most of the time. You submit a form. You pay. You get a call that it’s ready. I tried to get an alien card in Kenya. Mission impossible!

Appreciating German efficiency: MIND-BLOWING.


15 June 2019

Rescuing a little sparrowToday, I rescued a little sparrow that flew into my parent’s bedroom. It didn’t find its way out anymore. The little heart was pounding against my palm when I carried it outside. I tried to get it off my hand and put it next to the bird house. It didn’t want to move. It just sat, eyes opening and closing in irregular intervals feeling totally exhausted. Eventually, it hopped of my fingers. Only three hours later it flew away.

Feeling like you’ve done something good: SPLENDID. 


10 June 2019

Online delivery. Goods wrapped in bubble wrap! You know what’s coming… why is it so satisfying to burst these little bubbles between your fingers?

Finding joy in the little things of life: BRILLIANT. 


9 June 2019

Today I went on a cycling tour with my mom and dad. We had so much fun!

Spending time with your loved ones: PRICELESS.


6 June 2019

They say once you follow your bliss, universe aligns itself to help you move forward. This can also present itself by meeting someone who points you in a new direction. So in this case… I was approached by someone who is in the same business than me. You can say we are competitors. But as we are both a one-person-show we believe that exchanging ideas can also be a great way to grow. Hence, I’ve found out about a new platform to promote my trips!

When universe sends you new ideas: WONDERFUL. 


01 June 2019

I love spending summer in Europe! You can go away for weekend trips and experience a different culture. Today, I booked my bus ticket to Zurich to catch up with friends from down under! Super excited on so many levels. First to see my friends again soon and second to get a ticket for 20 Euros.

Killing two birds with one stone: FABULOUS.

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