Gratitude Journal: Mar 2019

When I felt at my lowest point in life, I struggled to feel gratitude. I always thought that it's so much easier to feel grateful when you're away from home. You see and experience something new every day. It seemed so much easier. You can be grateful for things no matter where you're! That's why I've only added items to my gratitude journal that are location-independent! Enjoy...
What are you grateful for in March?

31 Mar 2019

I used to hate Mondays! Since, I’m my own boss, Mondays are pleasant. Still, do you know the feeling when you wake up thinking it’s Monday? But then realising it’s actually Sunday?

Realising it’s Sunday morning and still weekend: FANFRIGGINTASTIC. 


24 Mar 2019

I need at least one cup of tea or coffee in the morning to start my day! With milk. Loads of milk. I sometimes run out of milk… as I don’t realise early enough to buy more. But not today! YAY!

Using the last splash of milk for my morning tea: PURE PLEASURE. 


20 Mar 2019

I’m very close to my mum and dad – the two most important people in my life. We speak quite often on the phone. Although we sometimes don’t agree, we have a great relationship and get along very well. Not everyone is that lucky.

Having a great relationship with my parents: IMMENSELY THANKFUL.


17 Mar 2019

I’ve moved a lot in my life. As a result, friends come and go. Today, I chatted to a friend on the phone, who I’ve known for more than 20 years. Despite the physical distance – she is living in down under – we’ve always remained in touch. And although maybe not regularly, we always connect where we left off…

Meeting people in life that you have an everlasting connection with: UNBEATABLE.


10 Mar 2019

I got very sick over night. Being sick is always awful. But being sick while away from home is even worse! My housemates were wonderful. They went to the pharmacy to get medication and tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible. Mind you, I have only known them for a few weeks.

Having people help you when you can’t help yourself: PRICELESS.


08 Mar 2019

My laptop stopped working. Having an online business, you can imagine how important this piece of equipment is for me. I’ve found someone who fixed it. He hardly charged anything as he said it was only a minor issue. These little acts of kindness restore my faith in people.

Experiencing the good in people first hand: TRUE BLESSING. 


04 Mar 2019

I’m in a few travel groups on Facebook. I see so many posts about people loosing a loved one. Some of them are still young. It makes me sad and my heart goes out to everyone who lost someone they love. It also makes me immensely grateful that I am healthy.

Realising that it’s a privilege to grow old: GRATEFUL BEYOND WORDS.


02 Mar 2019

On my way to the shops, I saw something glittering in the sun and found this little marble. Immediately, I felt catapulted back to my childhood years. I can’t remember last time, I held one of these in my hand.

Finding a little treasure in the street:  DELIGHTFUL. 

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