Gratitude Journal: May 2019

Leaving the African continent is always emotional for me! I love the climate. I love the people. I love the vibe. Coming back home is quite tough for me. Don't laugh, but I do suffer from reverse culture shock quite a bit. Still, I had a wonderful month. Here are the things I'm most grateful for in May.

31 May 2019

I grew up in a little town in Germany – between Frankfurt and Würzburg. Friends who come and visit always say “OH it’s so pretty!” My response: “Yes, pretty boring!” However, every now and then there’s stuff happening! Also this Friday, the “long night of shopping”! Mind you, I hate shopping. But the market square is brimming with live music, food stalls and places where you can buy drinks. Bonus, it was a warm spring night. My kind of thing…

Spending a fun evening with family: MOMENTS YOU TREASURE FOREVER. 


28 May 2019

As you know by now, am not a social media genius. But this twitter stuff I LOVE.

Just listen to this beautiful blackbird sitting on my balcony.

Being mesmerised by the sounds of nature: MIND BLOWING.


26 May 2019

During the month of May Germans go bonkers on white asparagus! You get it bloody everywhere in all forms and shapes. Creamy asparagus soup. Asparagus with ham. Asparagus with eye fillet. And of course always with a generous topping of calorific hollandaise sauce.

Getting spoilt with my mom’s home made cooking: AM IN HEAVEN. 


25 May 2019

I love sunflowers. My mum bought me this little beauty! Now, I do have my own little sunshine on my desk.

Feeling sunny, despite a rainy day outside: AWESOME. 

23 May 2019

Today, I went for dinner with my mom. Girlie-Night out to catch up on the latest.

Having a mom-daughter moment: SUPERB.

20 May 2019

A lot of times, we take things for granted. Like walking around at 9pm at night and not having to worry about being mugged. Of course, you can also get mugged in dark corners in any European city… BUT in Nairobi, I wouldn’t walk around alone after dark.

Feeling relatively safe walking around after dark alone: SPLENDID. 


18 May 2019

Compared to May 2018 the weather this year is a total shit show. It’s cold, rainy, windy and miserable. Of course, I caught one cold after the other. Finally today, the sun came out!

I went for a beautiful walk enjoying nature. Aren’t those poppy seeds just beautiful.

Seeing nature blossom and spring arriving: WONDERFUL. 


15 May 2019

Ordered a new yoga mat! Of course, they delivered the wrong colour. About to explode… stopped mid-way thinking of all the people who fight for survival every day. Taking three deep breaths and admiring my beautiful frog-green yoga mat.

Realising that I only dealt with a first world problem: FEELING SILLY.


11 May 2019

My mum and dad had no idea that I was coming home! My cousin and his wife picked me up from the airport. Knocking at my parent’s door and yelling SURPRISE was a wonderful moment… The older your parents get, the more you treasure the time you’ve left. Oh and all my luggage arrived too! YAY, life’s good.

Surprising your loved ones: PRICELESS. 


10 May 2019

Arriving at the airport on time. Smooth check-in. No complaints about 2kg overweight. Friendly customs officer who is asking me when I’m coming back to Kenya after going through all my work permit and special pass stamps!

Having a smooth run despite a horrible experience with Emirates eight years ago: FANFU&%INGTASTIC.


9 May 2019

Wherever I go, I meet amazing people and make wonderful friends. So on my last Thursday before I flew out and I went for Ethiopian dinner – one of my favourite foods in the world – with two of my best friends. Then off for a little boogie at J’s where I met some more people.

Knowing that you made some friends for life: HEARTWARMING. 


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