52 crazy things to do to be happy

· Create your own happiness - once a week! ·

Do you know this meme: two cartoons standing opposite each other. The shirt of one guy says "happiness". The other asks: Where did you find this? The answer: I created it myself!

Don’t wait for happiness to come and knock at your door. Create it yourself! Happiness comes from within! Here are 52 crazy things to do to be happy! Randomly pick one per week! Added bonus: some of them don’t cost anything!

  1. Splash a bit of sunscreen on your face. The scent will activate the memory hub in your brain and trigger memories of sunshine, beach and ocean! Works a treat for me especially on a rainy day…
  2. Sit at the window and drink your favourite summer drink! I love either Aperol Spritz or a typical sundowner drink like Gin&Tonic. Close your eyes and don’t to anything else but tasting the summer freshness.
  3. Do you love playlists? I’ve so many playlists that remind me of my travels. Again, music triggers memories! What better way to catapult you back to a special trip and instantly into a good mood.
  4. Light a candle and place it on your balcony. I love the warm light candles radiate; it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and my heart could burst of joy.
  5. ICE-CREAM! Preferably chocolate; a quick and easy way to release endorphins that make you happy!
  6. I love catching up with my best friends. Talking endlessly with a glass of wine. Perfect!
  7. Watch a romantic comedy that plays in a lovely scenery. My first choice: Under the Tuscan Sun! Great scenery. Bit of romance. Happy ending.
  8. Use your favourite perfume all summer long. As soon as you use it in winter, memories of those warm breezy summer nights will come back. Instant happiness…
  9. Go for an Espresso or Cappuccino or Latte. Even if you don’t sit outside, it’s the perfect moment to calm down and dream about whatever makes you happy.
  10. Roast marshmallows over a campfire!
  11. The other day I visited a friend and she gave her five-year-old son water bombs to play with. Hehehe… perfect idea! Those colourful balloons will put you into a better mood straight away. Even more fun is trying to hit each other.
  12. When I was a kid we always played “Schokoladenessen” at birthday parties. It literally means to eat chocolate… with a twist though. The chocolate is wrapped in newspaper and string. If you now think that’s easy, think again. You first have to throw a six when dicing. Then you have to put on a hat and gloves and then take fork and knife and start cutting open the wrapped chocolate. As soon as someone else throws a six, you have to get rid of your gear as quick as possible and pass onto the person who threw a six! I played this game a couple of months ago with my 70 year old parents. OMG you would not believe how much fun we had!!! We felt like little kids – we are still wondering what our neighbours thought hearing us yelling SECHS all the time, which means six in German, but is pronounced like sex.
  13. Go for a hot-stone-massage! The hotness of the stones and some relaxing ocean waves as background music will do the trick.
  14. I know this sounds so random! But do you know what makes me giggle like a little girl! A SWING!!! Hop on one and swing away… and give a hoot about what other people think. You are never too old to s(wing) in it… 🙂
  15. Take a walk in the park! Close your eyes. Feel the ground under your feet. Listen to the sounds you hear. Smell the air. Touch a leave. Simply be mindful to feel happy.
  16. Take a look at the night sky. Unfortunately, Europe is so light-polluted that it´s challenging to see a starry night. But give it a go. I love it. And it makes my problems seem so small and insignificant.
  17. Watch the sunrise – always fascinating!
  18. Watch the sunset – even more fascinating!
  19. I know this idea is quite costly but it is an amazing experience! Go on a hot air balloon-safari. Flying over the Masai Mara was breathtaking! I still remember that feeling of happiness!
  20. I’m not a fan of retail therapy. I do believe that if you’re a shopaholic, you’re trying to fill a certain emptiness that you feel inside. I hardly go shopping as I don’t need a wardrobe full of clothes to feel happy. BUT sometimes I see something special and that could be the perfect earring to go with my favourite top or a funky scarf! And then I strike! As I know this will bring me joy for many years to come. And to be honest, most of my favourite clothes are quite old…
  21. Drop your feet into water! No matter if it’s at a lake or river or the ocean. It’s always a special moment for me that makes me happy.
  22. In German we do have some funny words. Vorfreude! If you translate it word by word it literally means “before joy” meaning the excitement you feel in anticipation of something special about to happen! I always do feel immense VORFREUDE when packing my bags for a holiday. So why not book a night in a wonderful hotel in a city close to where you live. It doesn’t always have to be a big trip! Sometimes, it’s the little things that create long lasting memories.
  23. I love the sounds of nature! Put a birdhouse on your balcony… I can sit forever and watch the hustle and bustle of little birds trying to get their share. And of course, the chirping ads to the special atmosphere.
  24. Do you always go to the same restaurants? Why not try a new one! I hate routine; trying something new makes me feel alive. Try it out and let me know…
  25. Too many commitments? You prefer a night in and snuggle up on the sofa with a good book?SAY NO to things you don’t feel like doing. Sticking to what you truly want will ultimately make you happier.
  26. Same goes with this: SAY YES to things you have never done before! You not only will gain a new experience, you also feel happy about changing your routine.
  27. Buy a sunflower!
  28. Do you remember the time – many moons ago – when you had to wait for your travel snaps to be developed? How much fun was it to open the pack and flick through the photos… why don’t you try it with your digital camera too? Snap away and only look at the pix when you get back home.
  29. Enjoy a beautiful scenery. It’s priceless!
  30. Go through old photo albums! So many memories will come back. So many old stories to be retold. It’s also a great way to realise all the amazing things you have done in life.
  31. Stroll through a second-hand market! When I lived in London, I loved walking through those second-hand and antique markets. Sometimes I wish those items could speak… am sure they have lots of juicy stories to tell. Just have fun!
  32. Go for a swim! It’s not only relaxing, it’s also very calming to just float in water.
  33. Don’t feel guilty when you take a little nana nap in the afternoon. It recharges your batteries and makes you feel good about yourself.
  34. Dress up for no reason! Do it to simply feel good about yourself…
  35. Laugh like there is no tomorrow! Watch this video. You don’t need to understand the content but this guy will make you laugh for sure. He became the most famous politician in Switzerland. He had to read a new law. It was full of legal terminology and blah blah and eventually he gave up as he had no idea what he was reading. His laughter is so infectious, you’ll love it.
  36. Freedom for your toes! Walk barefoot!
  37. Go on a bicycle tour! Feel the breeze in your hair when you go down hill. No better way to feel happy and free.
  38. BINGE-WATCHING your favourite TV series!
  39. Go to the supermarket and buy a few snacks. Then do a picknick! Perfect time-out in your hectic day to day life.
  40. Smell some roses. I can’t really pass by rose bushes without rubbing my nose in. Always check there are no bees though… Simply appreciate the smell – nature has so many little wonders.
  41. You don’t have time for breakfast! Then take your time. Wake up earlier and eat like a king before you go to work. Not only does it make you feel like you are on holiday, your day also starts in a good mood.
  42. Write a post card to a loved one! You will not only make them happy, it will also make you happy.
  43. Stone skipping!!! Make a competition, which stone bounces of the surface more times.
  44. Rearrange your room. Why not move your sofa to the other side or change some pictures on the wall. Apparently dopamine is the chemical that motivates us to explore our environments. And it is activated if your brain receives new stimuli then the same things day in and day out. Hence, a change can lift your mood and can make you feel more satisfied.
  45. Be creative. Listen to the rain outside and think it is the ocean splashing ashore.
  46. Take a random day off of work. Stay in bed all day or simply do what you feel like doing. Which means literally do anything but your household chores.
  47. People watching! Sit on a market square and watch life go by…
  48. Don’t use social media for a whole day! An easy task for me, but I know some people will struggle with this. It will be refreshing though! Subconsciously, we are constantly comparing our life to other people’s life! We become discontent. It’s a shame, as we always should be grateful for the things WE HAVE.
  49. Taste the summer. I love all kind of summer fruits. Make a strawberry smoothie! How do you love that tiny happy moment?
  50. Life is hectic. We are rushing from one appointment to the other. Constantly checking our watch. Don’t do it for a whole day. Just do whatever you feel like doing. Get up when you want to get up. Eat when you feel hungry and drink when you feel thirsty. You get my point; you will feel so much more relaxed.
  51. Light up a sparkler and celebrate life! For no specific reason!
  52. If all else fails, travel to Africa! The African continent will inspire you to be happy!

How did you go? What crazy things do you do that make you happy?

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