Ten Happy Tunes to make you feel better right now

· Dance like no-one is watching ·

I love music! Am not in any way musical though. I always hated singing at school. Especially when grading got involved. I was so nervous, that I ran out of air. Never mind keeping my tone... LOL But I do believe I have some kind of rhythm and I love dancing! Here are some of my most favourite happy tunes that make me feel more upbeat in an instance... Not necessarily in that order!

1. Wamkelekile from Hot Water Band South Africa

Wamkelekile features in the movie BLENDED with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. It has such a fun, catchy and playful tune – you just gotta love it!

2. Was für eine geile Zeit from Ben Zucker

The German song Was für eine geile Zeit is celebrating the special moments in life that contribute to a great time! If you can sit still listening to this song, something is wrong with you…

3. Sura Yako from Kenyan’s famous Sauti Sol

One of my favourite Kenyan songs! Sura Yako is an homage to wonderful women with a beautiful smile and face. The video also shows a typical Kenyan pre-wedding ceremony.

4. Despacito by Puerto Ricon singer Luis Fonso

I know! Right… what a song – no explanation needed… Despacito!

5. Papaoutai by Belgian Stromae

Actually quite a sad song as this young boy is looking for his dad, who seems to be absent: Papaoutai. The song is based on Stromae’s real life. His dad got killed in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The song portrays his fear of being unable to become a dad considering he never grew up with one. I still love the vibe though…

6. One day by Asaf Avidan from Israel

The remix of One day by German DJ Wankelmut is a bit more upbeat, but I do love this version. What a voice.

7. Ghana’s popular Azonto by Fuse ODG

OMG! When this song came out in 2012, it was blaring from every corner in Ghana. Azonto is not just the name of this popular song, it’s also a dance and music genre in Ghana. You just have to get up and move your feet.

8. Suddenly I see by Scottish KT Tunstall

What can I say! There’s no better tribute to women power than this song! For KT Tunstall Suddenly I see demonstrates her inspiration to a career in music through looking at a black and white picture of a woman. To me it’s a beautiful song to inspire you to truly be who you want to be.

9. Bonfire Heart by James Blunt

It’s all about love, life, fear and hope. For a hopelessly romantic like me, Bonfire Heart is a beautiful song with a great beat to dance too.

10. Lieblingsmensch by Namika

I love the German language! One word that describes so much! Lieblingsmensch is all about your “favorite person”! With that person life is so much better. And with that person you can just be yourself – a little bit crazy, a dreamer, simply you. Great lyrics and great tunes.


These happy tunes play also a big role when trying to stop my monkey mind running off into all directions. They help me to focus on the present moment.

What are your happy tunes? Share them with me…

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