Is the midlife crisis a real thing?

· My definition of midlife crisis: A time where you think about whether your life is the kind of life that you want. And when you start to not give a fuck... ·

Did you know that according to astrology midlife crisis occurs for everyone? It usually happens around age 37 to 42. If you are in this age bracket and feel a bit uneasy, then welcome to the club! You are not alone…

I’ve only found out about this a couple of days ago. A friend of mine did my astrology chart. Guess at what age I quit my high-paying job in Australia? Yeap – at 37! And what did I do? I ventured to Southern Africa – eSwatini to be precise – to do volunteering work! Holy shit balls! That is insane, don’t you think? Again I wonder: Destiny or Coincidence?

So what is this Astrology all about?

Apparently you experience a lot of struggles when Pluto squares your natal chart. This usually happens around the age of 37. Neptune squares its natal position at around 41. It’s a very confusing and disorienting time. Your dreams or ideals can suddenly seem empty or no longer relevant. And when Uranus transits at age 40 to 41 you most likely have lost the plot. Uranus is the great awakener, that stirs up your reality so that you are never the same again afterwards. Complete changes of life directions are fairly common. People leave their marriages, relationships or jobs.

There’s hope though. The age of 43 is the year when the Saturn opposition is beginning to kick in, tending to bring some stability. You have a vision about how you’d like your life to develop, and you can achieve your goals through hard work, good luck and through the help of other people who you meet on your path. Of course, timings may be different. For more information speak to your health care professional or ask your trusted astrologer… 🙂

Looking at the above, I find it funny that midlife crisis is defined as a transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle-aged individuals.

So how did my life turn upside down all of a sudden?

It precisely started on the day when I discovered West African drum and dance! Of course, I didn’t discover it in Africa. No. I went to a performance at The Espy in Melbourne, as you do. I was lost the moment I heard the powerful rhythm and lively beat and saw the vibrancy that sparks between the drummers and dancers. My passion was lit. And my life completely changed when I stepped foot on African soil for the very first time.

Leaving my high-paying job in Australia to move to eSwatini for volunteering work.

After my sabbatical, my career in PR&Communications seemed meaningless. Something was missing in my life. I knew: I had to go back to Africa. My search brought me to Manzini, in the tiny kingdom of eSwatini – previously known as Swaziland. I worked for a small NGO and learnt so much about African culture and traditions. I also learnt that a lot of people confuse Swaziland with Switzerland. Never mind. Funny enough, that’s also the reason why King Msweti III renamed Swaziland to eSwatini.

But my journey didn’t stop here. I changed careers, moved to Kenya, moved to Germany, set up my own business and eventually started my digital nomad life. And surprise, this is the exact point in my life where you meet me today!

Hooked to find out how I got from a to b(e)? Let me tell you one thing: it wasn’t a smooth ride. It was a frigging roller coaster of emotions. Depression, heartbreaks, tears and emotional instability – I was a complete mess. But I managed to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. I hope that my journey will inspire you to believe in yourself and live your dreams – even if you may feel scared as shit. So stick around and follow me along! A midlife crisis can be a good thing…

Do you feel like you are in a midlife crisis? Tell me more about it; maybe we can get you out of your midlife crisis together.

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