Challenge: What bold things have you done in your life?

· Give yourself enough credit for all the cool things you've done in your life ·

Sometimes, you need to get a kick up your butt to remind you what an awesome person you are! When you feel low, often times Monkey Mind is cruel to you. I then remind myself that I'm Miss Awesomeness in person! Here are 66 bold things I've done in my life. Join the challenge: What bold things have you done in your life?

They are not in any specific order. And some things might be more bold than others. Some items on this list are just nice anecdotes from my life. I typed away what crossed my mind. The result: Bloody amazing.

1. Quit my job without having a new job to go to. I’ve actually done that four times in my life! Quite gutsy!

2. Moved continents and countries more than once. I’ve lived in Sweden, Australia, the UK, Kenya, eSwatini. Some countries I’ve moved to twice! And still counting… haven’t found the place yet where I want to settle.

3. Told top management off for not sticking to their promises and demoralising staff! Didn’t get sacked, but resigned a few weeks later because I was so pissed off! One of the four times, I quit without having a job to go to.

4. Wild camped in no-man’s land between Burkina Faso and Mali.

5. Climbed the dunes of Sossusvlei in Namibia with my dad. Such a beautiful memory and so proud of him. Hope I’ll be as fit as him when I’m 70!

6. Attended a traditional Swazi Wedding in eSwatini, Southern Africa in traditional attire.

7. Got lost in the labyrinthine alleys in Stone Town on Zanzibar island. Luckily, you’ll always end up somewhere with a friendly local helping you out.

8. Took the bold decision to set up my own business and start a digital nomad life.

9. Traveled in a jeep to Timbuktu in Mali. It’s as far as they say!

10. Moved to Munich when I was 19 years old; from a 5000 people village to a city with 1.5 million people.

11. Leaned against the Leaning Tower of Pisa to stop it from falling over.

12. Being escorted by armed guards while traveling to Lamu Town in the most northern part of Kenya.

13. Drove past hundreds of blossoming sunflower fields in romantic Tuscany.

14. Quit my high paying job in Australia to do volunteering in eSwatini.

15. Stood at God’s window in South Africa seeing nothing but puffy white clouds below me.

16. Started to learn traditional West African Dance and Drumming. Danced my heart out during a three-months sabbatical in West Africa. This journey changed my life forever.

17. Walked with giraffes on Crescent Island at Lake Naivasha in Kenya.

18. Assisted in shearing a sheep in Outback Australia. Have you ever done this? It’s so funny; I think the sheep hate it.

19. Went to Disneyland Paris to live my childhood fairytales.

20. Catamaran cruised through Queen Charlotte Sound in New Zealand.

21. Testified in court against two people who assisted robbing my place in Nairobi, Kenya! I thought am doing the right thing to contribute to justice. It was the most humiliating experience ever! I also realised there’ll never be justice in Africa.

22. Hence, bribed an officer to get out of a speeding fine. Ouch! Not proud of it; but the other option would have been to go to court. Never again!

23. Watched the most magnificent sunset while cruising the Chobe River.

24. Despite hating closed off spaces, I climbed the 414 steps high Giotto’s Bell Tower in Florence.

25. Zip-lined through The Forest in Kenya and got stranded half way. Several times! Thank god for “power arms” that felt like jelly afterwards.

26.  Took the courage to ask a cute bartender out on a date in London! Mind you, I got rejected. Never done it again.

27. Did my scuba diving licence to get over a broken heart.

28. My mum and I infected fellow travellers on the tube in Munich with our laughters. We couldn’t stop laughing because someone farted. So silly, but so funny, the memory still makes me smile.

29. Suffered diarrhea explosion outside the Mali embassy in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. No toilet in sight! Thinking about it, this was even more humiliating than the court hearing in Kenya!

30. Helihiked Fox Glacier in New Zealand with my mum and dad for my dad’s 60th Birthday!

31. Counted millions of stars in the night sky of the Australian Outback. I didn’t fall asleep as it was so bright and I was so excited…

32. Did the famous Golden Circle Tour in Iceland! Saw bubbling springs and spouting geysers. And admired one of the country’s most dazzling waterfall Gullfoss. What a trip!

33. Tracked gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda. Your heart stops a beat when you finally stand across a large silverback! Mind blowing.

34. Wild water rafted on the mighty Zambezi in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

35. Traveled all the way to Epupa – close to the Angolan border in Namibia. What a stunning and scenic region.

36. Photographed a three-headed giraffe in the Masai Mara in Kenya! Don’t believe me? It’s true…

37. Cruised through the romantic landscape of Cornwall in England. Felt like in a novel of Rosamunde Pilcher.

38. Cried my eyes out while in a hot air balloon over the Masai Mara. It was such a magical moment watching the sun rise over the horizon.

39. Stood at the meridian point in Greenwich, UK.

40. Smiled at Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris.

41. Pitched my business idea in a three minute presentation to the judges of the Elevator Pitch; an initiative by the Chamber of Commerce in Germany. Public speaking gives me the runs… not as bad as in Burkina Faso though!

42. Canoed on the Orange River in Namibia.

43. Had a close encounter with a wild elephant while camping in Chobe National Park, Botswana. The trunk was right in front of my nose while I zipped the tent shut. Wanted to go out to see what the kerfuffle was all about! Just stopped at the right moment…

44. Survived a terrible car accident on my way from eSwatini to Johannesburg. Got a rental car and started driving again two hours after the accident! Not sure how I managed, I was completely on auto-pilot.

45. Cycled to hell and back! It was nicer than I thought. Ok, it was through Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya.

46. Kissed a giraffe hoping it turns into Prince Charming! It didn’t.

47. Flew from Senegal to Spain to meet a guy again I met. Total looser! To recover, I attended the U2 concert on 30th June 2009 in Barcelona. Opening act was Snow Patrol! Totally worth it. You see, there’s always a positive when life throws lemons at you!

48. Sailed to Inhaca Island in Mozambique.

49. Got a tattoo on my shoulder that will always remind me of my very first time in Australia! It’s the pendant of a necklace that friends in down under gave me for my 25th birthday. Years later I found out that the pendant is the symbol of Nyami Nyami also known as the Zambezi River God! Back then I had no idea, that I’ll ever have anything to do with Africa! Nyami Nyami is believed to protect the Tonga people and give them sustenance in difficult times. How ironic that I have it tattooed on my shoulder.

50. Jet-skied on Lake Victoria in Kenya.

51. Snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

52. Took the train from Melbourne all the way to Perth via Adelaide! A whopping 29 hours on trains for about 2.700km. I loved every bit of it.

53. Dressed as “It’s raining men” at a Halloween party in 2018.

54. Enjoyed a glass of wine at Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park, Tasmania. Didn’t see any Tasmanian Devils though.

55. Took a ride on the famous Tram 28 in Lisbon. This golden oldie takes you through absurdly steep climbs and wonderful mood-lifting views.

56. Saw jazz legend Hugh Masekela live in 2016 at the Africa Festival in Würzburg. Simply amazing.

57. Took a helicopter ride over the mighty Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Unforgettable view!

58. Happened to be in Malaga, Spain during the Holy Week, also known as Easter! Watched the long, solemn processions that parade through the city for seven days. Different brotherhoods organise these processions and they’re slightly eerie.

59. Walked across hot coals to keep reminding me that I can do anything if I set my mind to it.

60. Wrapped a snake around my neck in Alice Springs, Australia… Just for fun.

61. Tried assisting a cow giving birth. This happened during primary school when I visited my best friend’s farm. Will never forget this amazing moment of nature.

62. In 2010, I got stranded 50km outside Mombasa, Kenya because the train broke down! Had to find my own way to Mombasa just after nightfall! What a journey. Let me tell you the new Madaraka Express is a much smoother ride…

63. Got denied boarding an Emirates flight.

64. Moved in with a man after three months of knowing him. I thought he is the love of my life. Moved out again a year later! Yeah, I know. Lesson learnt – no need to raise the finger…

65. Refused to take antidepressants when I felt the lowest in my life. So happy I did!

66. Went through quite a few setbacks in life! What I learnt? There’s always sunshine after rain. One of the boldest things you can do: To never ever give up believing in yourself.

Now over to you. Join the challenge: What bold things have you done in your life?

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